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Dental Ceramics offers several established solutions for patients who suffer from snoring, sleep apnea or bruxism (teeth grinding). Our clinical specialists have been trained and certified in the fabrication and use of custom-made appliances that promote a more restful nights sleep. We specialize in fabricating the ZQuiet Proflex, EMA Proflex and the EMA appliance, all FDA approved for sleep apnea. Our bruxing appliances include the DuraFlex Sleep/Bruxing Appliances, DuraFlex Nightguard, single arch appliances and DuraFlex Orthotic Appliance.

Dental Ceramics, Inc. is FDA registered to fabricate approved sleep appliances. Note: Approved sleep appliances are classified as type II medical devices that are regulated by the FDA with a 510K Certificate.

For more information on the ZQuiet Proflex and the EMA Proflex, please click below.