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Motivation, Wisdom, and Proven Success

The common denominator for all Blatchford Solutions clients is their need for effective business guidance in their dental practices. Our dental management consulting services can even benefit clients who have successful practices, but seek a simpler and more efficient path to enhanced profitability in their business operation. We can assume that you want to achieve that same simple goal for your practice, thus the reason for your interest in the Blatchford Solutions programs. You want to streamline your practice into an uncomplicated and more rewarding business that eases the burden on you and your entire team. You want it all from your practice-nothing less- and there is absolutely no shame in that personal admission to yourself.

What Sets Blatchford Solutions Apart

One of the constants in life is a steady supply of advice from an overabundance of sources and most of it is unsolicited advice. Some advice may even contain a few pearls of wisdom, but there is never enough actual substance to make any real difference in a person’s life.

Dr. Blatchford, along with his daughter Christina, a practicing dentist, and powerful woman in the dental industry, is personally involved in all facets of your coaching process from the initial one-on-one meeting to the months of follow up conference call mentorship in the program.

With more than 100 hours of continued education every year, Dr. Christina Blatchford has the credentials to help other dentists become more successful with a custom-made dental coaching program that really works.

Our Blatchford Solutions Program is an advisory role because we do not want to take control of your business and do everything for you. We want you to learn from our programs so that you can take complete control of your dental practice and develop it into an even better business. The greatest strength of a Blatchford Solutions program is the support provided to your practice by our coaching and teaching process. We forge a partnership with each of our clients and provide them with the knowledge and information that will evolve their practice to a higher level of goals and personal satisfaction. Each of our clients will provide a set of challenges that are unique to their particular practice and it is our job to develop a program that will suit their individual needs. That kind of custom consultation and coaching for our clients is what we do best at Blatchford Solutions.

Benefit from the Experience Found in Thousands of Practices

Blatchford Solutions makes no secret of the fact that we are designed to help your practice to achieve its maximum profitability. Every practice has an ability to give you financial freedom plus a great lifestyle and we can help you achieve those goals in your business. Blatchford Solutions knows how to make that happen for you and your practice.

The road to a better financial return from your practice is quite simple: we will provide the lesson plan and you will do the homework. The barriers to maximum returns in your dental business will disappear as the right decisions are made and your practice moves toward a much higher profit margin. The benefits provided by Blatchford Solutions extend from an outsider’s perspective on your business because we can use our decades of coaching, consulting and management experience for your practice. Our unsurpassed client experience gives us a unique library of successes and failures to illustrate what will work best for you, without the need to suffer through the mistakes made by others in the past. It is a unique formula for success that can only be found in a Blatchford Solutions program.

The chances are good that you will already have a basic knowledge of some of our concepts at Blatchford Solutions; however we can shape that common knowledge into its proper context and expand its impact into the real world of your practice for you.

There will be no need for costly experiments because we base our consultation program upon real world successes gleaned from our decades of experience with the business side of practices. You will develop a skill set that will have a lasting positive impact on both your professional and personal life because Blatchford Solutions will be there to guide you with wisdom and care along the path to success.