Dental XP

Proud partners with Dental XP

In 2006, a highly intellectual group of practitioners and lecturers came together to form Dental XP in hopes it would flourish and educate dentists across the globe, and that it has. Thanks to Drs. Maurice and Henry Salama, Drs. David Garber and Ronald Goldstein of Team Atlanta, and CEO Eddie Salama accessible dental education is better than ever. The group formed a platform which has a great deal of educational articles and endless content that can be shared amongst dentists across the world to better their practices and brush up on new concepts within dentistry. All of this eventually lead to an abundance of new, unique live events, symposia, summits, mastership programs, and hands-on and university-based live patient programs.

What Sets Dental XP Apart

In 2022, Integrated Media Services, the dental industry’s largest media and marketing services company, announced its accession of DentalXP. This new partnership is designed to evolve and amplify the mission of the premier dental education company, creating synergies that offer new opportunities and benefits for both companies, as well as the clinicians and staff that rely on their services.

Dental XP offers a one-of-a-kind experience which leaves doctors and others in the dental field with a great deal of knowledge in all different aspects of dentistry. The online platform offers webinars, videos and the possibility of engagement with colleagues across the world. The company heavily emphasizes their value of “family-centered, friendly, high-quality education that is always inclusive”.